The Human Rights Working Group (COHOM)

The Working Party on Human Rights (COHOM) is the Council Working Party dealing with all human rights aspects of the external relations of the EU.

COHOM brings together the Directors for Human Rights and delegates from EU Member States, the EEAS and the Commission and is responsible for the development of dedicated EU human rights policy instruments (notably the EU human rights guidelines as well as human rights dialogues and consultations with over 40 countries), the mainstreaming of human rights in EU external action, and the definition of EU positions on human rights questions in the external relations of the EU.

COHOM oversees the worldwide implementation of these instruments and sets the strategic priorities of the EU in multilateral human rights fora, in particular the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council.

COHOM prepares discussions on human rights questions at higher level (PSC, COREPER, Council) and engages with other Working Parties of the Council with the aim of mainstreaming human rights in all aspects of external relations of the EU and in order to contribute to the coherence between external and internal action of the EU in the field of human rights.