EU Relations with the Gambia


Relations with the EU are based on political dialogue under the Cotonou Agreement, trade and development assistance.

Political dialogue

Both formal and informal, involving both government and civil society, this broad dialogue includes the political situation in Gambia and all aspects of governance.

It seeks to promote a stable and democratic political environment and economic, cultural and social development.

Development assistance


The EU supports Gambia's poverty-reduction goals:

• medium term (2012-15) – Programme for Accelerated Growth and Employment pdf - 4 MB [4 MB] , to help Gambia achieve the Millennium Development Goals
• long term - Vision 2020.

The EU development strategy for Gambia focuses on: 

  •  infrastructure (transport & energy) and regional interconnectivity
  • governance


The EU is providing €73m up to 2013 under the European Development Fund, including support under the MDG Initiative

The Gambia also receives aid from regional, intra-ACP and specific programmes, as well as EU humanitarian aid to tackle the consequences of the Sahel food crisis. 

Previous EU-funded projects in the Gambia.