EU Relations with Gabon

EU relations with Gabon

The EU partnership with Gabon is built on political dialogue, trade, and development assistance.

The EU supports Gabon's domestic reforms which aim to increase economic diversification, improve governance and promote continuous democratisation.

Under the European Development Fund, a total of €39.2m is earmarked for Gabon with 2 priorities:

  • basic infrastructure and sector governance
  • education and training.

Funding is also used to strengthen public and private-sector capacity. Gabon is strongly engaged in environmental protection.

The Commission is currently preparing a new EU-Gabon strategy for 2014-20.



Being negotiated

Regional organisations

Gabon hosts the Economic Community of Central African States (EECAS) and the UN Central Africa Office.
As a result, the EU delegation in Gabon  also deals with regional matters linked to EECAS, Equatorial Guinea and São Tomé e Principe.