Energy Diplomacy

Ensuring energy security is an important objective of the European Union. The European Council Conclusions of February 2011 invited the HR/VP to take account of the energy security dimension in her work. The Commission's Communication of September 2011 and the Conclusions of the Energy Council of November 2011 on the EU external energy policy highlighted the importance of ensuring the coherence of the EU foreign policy and the EU energy policy.

Upon the request of the European Council the European Commission adopted in May 2014 the European Energy Security Strategy which comprises also important external measures to help pursue the energy security objectives of the EU, including the needs to ensure better synergies between energy objectives and foreign policy, to support the diversification of external energy supplies and to speak to our partners with a single voice.

The EEAS works closely with the Commission and the Member States in carrying out the EU energy diplomacy with the aim to support the EU energy objectives and to contribute to the EU efforts towards energy security.