Development and cooperation

The EU is the world’s largest development aid donor, providing more than 50% of assistance worldwide. Policies promote good governance plus human and economic development, and tackle universal issues such as hunger and the preservation of natural resources.

While the EEAS ensures synergies between development and other areas of external action, such as human rights, security, stability, conflict prevention, the European Commission, and in particular EuropeAid, is responsible for the implementation, operation and delivery of development aid.

Multi-annual strategies and programmes – prepared jointly by the European Action Service (EEAS) and EuropeAid – specify where EU development assistance will be distributed.

When formulating and managing these programmes, the EU consults with national and regional authorities in potential recipient countries. This results in country and regional strategies, which identify areas for funding.

The EEAS supports EuropeAid as it implements aid and assesses effectiveness, whilst also promoting the dissemination of good practices.

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