The European Union in the OSCE Region

Throughout the world, the European Commission has established more than 120 Delegations in third countries and at five centres of international organisations (Geneva, New York, Paris, Rome and Vienna). They represent, explain and implement EU policies, analyse and report on the policies and developments of the countries to which they are accredited and conduct negotiations in accordance with their respective mandates. Delegations are promoting the Community’s interests as embodied in the common policies, mainly the common commercial policy, but also others, including the agricultural, fisheries, environmental, transport and health and safety policies.

In addition, the Delegations have major responsibilities in the implementation of external assistance and also play an increasing role in the conduct of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), by providing regular political analysis, conducting evaluations jointly with Member State Embassies and contributing to the policy making process.

Delegations provide support and assistance as necessary to the other institutions and actors of the EU, including:

  • the High Representative for CFSP/Secretary General of the EU Council, who can rely on their logistical support when on mission and to whom all their policy reports are copied;
  • the European Parliament, in that they help, for example, to arrange programmes for and accompany visiting delegations and Committees where necessary;
  • the EU Presidency, with Heads of Delegation regularly taking part in Troika démarches, and assisting the Presidency in many other ways.

In all these areas, Delegations serve an increasingly important information function as well, providing background and updates on European integration and EU policies to host governments and administrations, media, academia, business circles and civil society.

Throughout the OSCE region, the European Commission is represented by

In EU Member States, the European Commission has established a network of Representation Offices in charge of providing information on European affairs to the general public and to the media and of keeping Commission services in Brussels informed of various political, social and economic developments in the respective countries.

In OSCE partners for co-operation countries, the European Commission is represented by

For Delegations of the European Commission to the United Nations please visit European Union@United Nations.