EU welcomes results of UNCTAD XIII Ministerial Conference in Doha (26/04/2012)

The European Union welcomes the results of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development XIII Conference meeting concluded today in Doha.

The EU played an active part, working with all regional groups, and was highly committed to achieving a positive and ambitious outcome. The Doha Mandate, a global partnership for development, adopted today is the mandate for UNCTAD’s work for the next four years. We believe that this agreement is a balanced and ambitious compromise in which all its member states can feel comfortable to work together in the next four years.

The EU's gratitude goes foremost to the host of the Conference, Qatar, for having provided warm hospitality and an excellent working environment, wishing Qatar also every success for its four-year presidency of UNCTAD.

The EU has stressed its commitment to UNCTAD. UNCTAD’s work in policy analysis, consensus building and technical cooperation is highly appreciated by all of us.

The EU has supported that UNCTAD concentrates and focuses its work within its wide and important mandate, remaining the focal point in the United Nations for the integrated treatment of trade and development, and interrelated issues in the areas of finance, technology, investment and sustained development.

UNCTAD should continue delivering meaningful results, while enhancing synergies and promoting complementarities with the work of other international organizations.

The European Union and its Member States are satisfied with our role in achieving a compromise for the Doha Mandate. In our view we have reached a balanced agreement which reflects the main priorities of UNCTAD members. This is a positive, ambitious and forward looking mandate which should allow UNCTAD to continue fulfilling its role.

The EU welcomes the successful outcome of the Conference and the agreement achieved and looks forward to working with all partners in the implementation of the Doha Mandate.