Institutional framework

For its implementation and monitoring, the PCA set up a framework which currently consists of following institutions:

Co-operation Council

The Cooperation Council meets once a year, supervises the implementation of the PCA, consists of members of the Government of Ukraine on the one hand, and of the members of the EU Council and of the European Commission.

Co-operation Committee

The Co-operation Committee meets every half a year and monitors also the progress in implementing economic/trade chapters of the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda.

It includes seven sub-committees at experts’ level.

Parliamentary Co-operation Committee

The Parliamentary Co-operation Committee (PCC) consists of members of the Ukrainian Parliament and the European Parliament and meets twice a year.

It is the forum for political dialogue between parliamentarians from the European Union and Ukraine.


The EU-Ukraine highest level of political dialogue takes place at the annual Summit meetings between the President of Ukraine and the President of the European Council together with the President of the European Commission on the EU side.

The most recent of the total 15 EU-Ukraine Summits took place on 19 December 2011.


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