Association Agenda (12/02/2010)

The Association Agenda is a new practical instrument replacing the EU-Ukraine Action Plan, which aims at preparing for and facilitating the entry into force of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, which is currently being negotiated.

The Association Agenda was adopted on 23 November 2009 by the EU-Ukraine Cooperation Council. It sets out key priorities for reforms, which Ukraine should address in the coming years in order to fully benefit from the intensified co-operation and improved market-access foreseen in the new Association Agreement.

The Association Agenda establishes a Joint Committee at senior officials’ level to review progress in implementing the reform priorities set out in the document and to up-date it periodically as appropriate. The Joint Committee will report regularly to the EU-Ukraine Cooperation Council.

During its first meeting on 26 January 2010, the Joint Committee approved the List of the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda priorities for 2010 . The same exercise was repeated on 20 May 2011 when new priorities were determined for 2011 .

The present updated version of the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda was endorsed by the EU-Ukraine Cooperation Council (Luxembourg, 24 June 2013).