Services for journalists

The Press and Information Team regularly issues press releases and e-mail alerts on EU-Syria activities and political developments.

Journalists can subscribe to the Delegation's mailing list by contacting

We can also arrange interviews (radio, TV, internet or print media) with senior European Union officials.

Besides press conferences for important EU visits and events, EU-funded projects regularly organise launch events, offering good photo opportunities for journalists.

Media trainings and visits for Syrian journalists to Europe and European journalists to Syria.

All press material and events are in English and Arabic. Interviews can currently be given in English, French, German, Dutch and Greek. An interpreter for Arabic interviews can be provided if necessary.

For more information or with specific requests please contact the Delegation at

In Brussels

At EU headquarters, each policy area has its official Spokesperson. For example, there is an External Relations Spokesperson, a Trade Spokesperson, etc., who can provide journalists with on-the-record information. They hold midday daily briefings for Brussels-based correspondents, which can be viewed live on Europe by Satellite (EBS). Go to the schedule and click on the event.