Technical and financial cooperation

The Technical Cooperation Facility is intended to facilitate and support the implementation of the CountryStrategy Paper (CSP) in Solomon Islands through the conduct of studies, the provision of relatedtechnical expertise, training and the participation of Solomon Islands experts and officials in relevantWorkshops and seminars.

This is to strengthen expertise, skills and know-how linked to the focal sector under the 9th and  10th EDF/CSP (rural development), but in particular also to implementing Stabex-funded activities in ruraldevelopment and rural transport (rehabilitation of strategic feeder roads and wharves, in order to createincome opportunities and reduce the costs of doing business) and supporting related capacity building,including for relevant national and provincial government bodies, and non-state actors.Under the Financing Agreement (FA) that was signed on 30 March, 2009 it was agreed that TCF willprovide:

Technical Assistance Facility

A facility for the engagement of short, medium and long-term consultants to assist in the main stages ofthe project cycle to ensure the effective implementation of the National Indicative Programme and otherEC programmes in favour of the development strategy of Solomon Islands, in keeping with the objectivesof the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement.Consultants will be engaged to assist with specific tasks related to: project identification, preparation andAssistance with tender and contract procedure sand with evaluation and monitoring or audit where thishas not been provided for in the project itself, or the project has already been closed. These services willbe provided by consultants and/or individual experts recruited by or on behalf of the NAG in accordancewith EDF procedures.

Training Support for Projects & Programmes

This will finance various capacity building actions such as training workshops or consciousness-raisingactivities prior to or during the formulation of a project or programme - for example a Project CycleManagement workshop of stakeholders in a sector identified in the NIP - in accordance with EDFprocedures.

Conferences and Seminars

These include (a) more general short-term training activities for ACP officials and/or non-state actors ontopics related either to the priorities of the AC-EU Partnership Agreement (structural adjustment,democracy, environment, trade, etc.) or to EDF or other EC administrative and financial procedures and (b) participation by ACP officials or non-state actors in international meetings or seminars on themes ofdevelopment, trade, etc.