European Union's bilateral relations with the Pacific states of Solomon Islands and Vanuatu have developed significantly over the years and continue to grow in scope and strength. On 1st August 2014, the EU Delegation to Solomon Islands, previously dependent on the EU Delegation to PNG, was upgraded to a fully-fledged Delegation. It now also covers relations with Vanuatu. 

It is my aim as EU Ambassador, Head of the Delegation based in Honiara, to help strengthen and deepen even further relations with the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.  I can do it, together with my team, by working closely with local stakeholders in the two countries, both state and non-state actors, as well as with other international partners. Our goal is to help bring about stability, reduce poverty, while supporting democracy, good governance and human rights. Experience has shown that working on both these angles is indispensable for achieving sustainable and inclusive political, social and economic progress.

This website is a doorway to information on our activities. It also provides updates on news relating to the EU, to local and international NGOs and about ways of enhancing economic, trade and development cooperation between the European Union and Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

I hope that you will find the website interesting and informative. Your feedback on its content, including suggestions to improve it, will be highly valued.


 Leonidas Tezapsidis, Ambassador