The partnership framework

The partnership between the Government of Sierra Leone and the European Union is based on a number of key treaties, international agreements and policies.

The European Union policy framework on development cooperation comprises the Treaty establishing the European Community, the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement (or "Cotonou Agreement"), the European Consensus on Development (2005) and the EU Strategy for Africa (2005).

In accordance with Article 177 of the Treaty establishing the European Community, development cooperation shall foster:

  • the sustainable economic and social development of the developing countries, particularly the most disadvantaged among them;
  • the smooth and gradual integration of developing countries into the world economy;
  • the campaign against poverty in developing countries.

While the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement adapts these broad principles to the historical relationship between the European Union and ACP (Africa-Caribbean-Paficic) States and to the socio-economic reality of the latter, the European Commission-Sierra Leone Joint Country Strategy Paper adapts these further to the specific situation of Sierra Leone. As explained in this website, the Country Strategy Paper defines the main axes of intervention of the European Commission in Sierra Leone in conformity with the main development priorities identified by the Government of Sierra Leone in its Poverty Reduction Strategy.

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