EU-WFP cooperation

EU Status in WFP

Legally speaking, the EC is not a member of the WFP, but has a privileged status on its Executive Board and sits at the main table as special observer. This is a unique situation in the context of the Executive Board, which is a restricted body of Members who participate on the basis of a rotation system. This unique status offers the advantage for the EU to sit permanently at the Executive Board and is a reflection of the importance of the EU’s position as a second major donor (after USA).

EU financial contribution to WFP

ECHO is among WFP’s top donors. Every year, ECHO supports WFP operations in more than 30 countries including responses such as in Haiti, Pakistan and the Horn of Africa. ECHO’s support also funds innovative new projects such as cash-and-voucher programmes as well as enhancements to WFP’s logistic capacity.

The European Union is the second largest donor to WFP but the first one in cash contribution with a total contribution of € 293 million in 2012 : Nearly €83.9 million ($116.8 million) in EU Food Facility assistance over three years has been vital in realizing World Food Programme initiatives in ten nations across three continents: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Liberia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

The EU is also a key donor, through ECHO, to the Strengthening Emergency Needs Assessment Capacity (SENAC) project, which has greatly increased WFP's in-house capacity for assessment.

EU partnership with WFP

In order to consolidate their relations, the EU and the WFP signed on 2 September 2005, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) , by which they confirmed their intention to establish a Strategic Partnership in order to fight world hunger and attain the first Millennium Development Goal ("to halve, by the year 2015, the proportion of the world'’s people whose income is less than one dollar a day and the proportion of people who suffer from hunger"). This MoU had also the objective to re-assert the EU food security policy line on food aid.

In order to maintain close relationship with WFP, an annual Strategic Programme Dialogue takes place every year. Besides, regular dialogue between the EU and the WFP is ensured by the EU Delegation in Rome and the WFP Office in Brussels, to enhance EU/WFP relations and improve EU's total contributions.

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