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19/09/14 - Statement by President Barroso on the results of the Scottish referendum

"I welcome the decision of the Scottish people to maintain the unity of the United Kingdom. This outcome is good for the united, open and stronger Europe that the European Commission stands for. The European Commission welcomes the fact that during the debate over the past years, the Scottish Government and the Scottish people have repeatedly reaffirmed their European commitment.
The European Commission will continue to engage in a constructive dialogue with the Scottish Government, in areas under its responsibility, that are important to Scotland's future, including jobs and growth, energy, climate change and the environment, and smarter regulation."

10/09/14 - The Juncker Commission: A strong and experienced team standing for change

President-elect Juncker unveiled his team and the new shape of the next European Commission. The new European Commission will be streamlined to focus on tackling the big political challenges Europe is facing: getting people back to work in decent jobs, triggering more investment, making sure banks lend to the real economy again, creating a connected digital market, a credible foreign policy and ensuring Europe stands on its own feet when it comes to energy security.

10/09/14 - Questions and Answers: The Juncker Commission

President-elect Jean Claude Juncker announced on September 10th, 2014 the allocation of responsibilities in his team and the way work will be organised in the European Commission once it takes office. Here are the main facts you should know.