Local EU Statement on 2012 National Elections of Papua New Guinea (13/08/2012)

The European Union Delegation issues the following statement in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission in Papua New Guinea

The EU Delegation compliments the People and the Government of Papua New Guinea on the Elections which took place in June and July this year. In these Elections the people of Papua New Guinea casted their votes peacefully, mindful of the challenges which their diverse country faces.

The Government respected the time frame for the elections as set by the Constitution. Although there remain some significant areas which need to be addressed, particularly participation of women, there were many encouraging signs of the PNG’s developing parliamentary democracy. Regrettably, there were some instances of election related violence, but the restraint generally shown by Papua New Guinea’s Electoral Officers and Security Forces has been commendable.

The EU is particularly pleased to see an increase in the number women take their seats as Members of Parliament. 

On behalf of the High Representative Ashton, the EU Delegation therefore congratulates Prime Minister O'Neill on forming a broad based coalition Government, and is looking forward to continuing its long standing partnership with Papua New Guinea during his mandate.