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10th ASEM Summit. Milan - 16/17 October 2014

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Reproductive Health Initiative for Youth in Asia (RHIYA)

Reproductive Health Initiative for Youth in Asia (RHIYA)

The project aims at educating adolescents and youth about the sexual and reproductive health and promoting an increase in the use of quality reproductive health information and services in seven South and South East Asian countries.


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30/09/14 - Statement by the Spokesperson on the arrest in international waters and detention of a Lithuanian vessel by authorities of the Russian Federation pdf - 470 KB [470 KB]

We are concerned by the forced apprehension of the Lithuanian fishing vessel "JĹ«ros Vilkas" by Russian border guards in high seas waters of the Barents Sea on 18 September, the subsequent detention of the vessel and its crew, as well as its forceful towing to Russian territory.

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