Project fiche

The Food and Nutrition Security Joint Task Force Technical Secretariat

Sector: Food aid/Food security programmes

EU Contribution: € 62,835.00 (100% of total).

Implementing organisation: Ernst And Young Bedrijfsrevisoren Cvba

Duration: from 04/2010 to 12/2011

Description: Malawi has repeatedly faced food and nutrition security issues at national and household level during the last few decades. Solutions to these challenges require multiple interventions and the support of government agencies, NGOs, Development Partners and the Private Sector. Since 2002 The FNSJTF/TS has supporting the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MoAFS) to efficiently collect and elaborate all stakeholder contributions and to express its own political, strategic and operational decisions on food security issues. The FNSJTF/TS also acts as an interface between government, donors, civil society and private sector. FNSJTF/TS is housed within the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and operates within the Department of Agriculture Planning Services. However, because of the multi-sectoral nature of food security and nutrition issues, FNSJTF/TS supports other government institutions in addition to MoAFS namely Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS, Department of Disaster Management Affairs, Department of Irrigation, Department of Forestry, Ministry of Economic Planning and Development and National Statistical Office.

Location : Lilongwe, Malawi