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EU supports building of ecological toilets in 40 schools

28/04/16 - EU supports building of ecological toilets in 40 schools pdf - 673 KB [673 KB]

Stories from the field: Read on how the EU is working with Technologies for Economic Development (TED) to improve the sanitation situation in schools around Lesotho."The new toilets are clean and they do not smell, we take care of them and clean them." 'Matiisetso Khemane, 13 years.

07/04/16 - Call for proposals: Engaging civil society in Pan-African issues

The call for proposals aims to improve the contribution of civil society organisations to continental decision - and policy making processes in Africa, in particular in the areas of Good Governance & Democracy, Human Rights, Peace and Security and Women's rights. The call targets CSOs or not-for-profits associations in Europe and Africa and fosters a multi-stakeholders approach (NGOs, think-tanks/research institutes, media organisations, youth- and youth-led organisations, women’s organisations).

06/04/16 - Joint Press Release on EU support to address land erosion in Lesotho pdf - 283 KB [283 KB]

Losing an estimated 4,500 tonnes of fertile top soil per hour carried away in rivers flowing into South Africa, Lesotho faces immense challenges concerning land degradation and soil erosion. Overgrazing by livestock and uncontrolled gathering of woody biomass for fuel further contributes to these challenges. The EU is supporting Lesotho to address land erosion through Integrated Catchment Management.