European Union and UNDP hand over constructed and equipped Dog Training Centre to the Kyrgyz State Customs Service (23/05/2011)

On May 20,The Border Management in Central Asia Programme (BOMCA) handed over constructed and equipped buildings for the Multi-agency Dog Handlers’ Training Centre to the State Customs Service under the Government of Kyrgyzstan. These project sites include a dormitory for 40 trainees, open-air cages for 38 dogs, a veterinary clinic, a fully equipped canteen for food processing to trainees and a special kitchen for dogs. 

Dog handlers

The complex of buildings have been constructed and equipped by the BOMCA Programme, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP. The multi-annual programme activities of BOMCA were necessary to establish adequate conditions of cadre training, to introduce international standards and best practices in the border management training curricula in the region, and mostly to support the overall efforts for regional cooperation and integration.

The infrastructure development project for Dog Handlers Centre was supported by the BOMCA Programme at the request from the President’s Administration to build a specific dog handling site with multi-agency approach. Total construction budget together with furniture and equipment provided for the Centre amounted to almost € 800,000. 

Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Chantal Hebberecht stressed in her speech at the handover ceremony: “I hope that Customs along with the other law enforcement agencies, such as Border Troops, Drug Control Service, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Emergency will be working closely in dog training area and conduct joint trainings to intensify the effect of BOMCA support in dog handling. Together with developing spirit of inter-agency cooperation, I would also put a particular emphasis on the promotion of ownership within and between agencies, which is the only way to sustain effective implementation and continuity of daily activities and ensure tangible results.  

Leaders of the State Customs Service also thanked the European Union and UNDP for long term solid support provided within BOMCA. 

Ambassador Chantal Hebberecht during a tour in the Dog Handling Centre 

Within the framework of the EU-UNDP BOMCA assistance programme, the European Union fosters institutional reform in border management, strengthens training capacities, assists in securing the Tajik-Afghan border, improves the infrastructure along trade and transit routes, and helps counter drug smuggling in Central Asia.