Questions and Answers for EIDHR Call for Proposals 2014/135-813 (Strengthening the role of Jordanian civil society in promoting human rights and democratic reform) (01/07/2014)


Applicants will find below a series of questions that have been sent to mailbox since the launch of the above-mentioned Call for Proposals.

Please note that in the interest of equal treatment of applicants, the EU Delegation to Jordan cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of an applicant, a partner, an action or specific activities.

"According to the Guidelines an information session is supposed to take place during the month of June at the EU Delegation in Amman. I was wondering if you were able to provide us with a date"

The info session will take place in Amman on 02/07/2014 at 11.00 at the Geneva Hotel. The advertisement was published both on the EU Delegation's website and in the local newspapers on 25/06/2014.

"In Lot 1, Priority 2 (EIDHR: Women’s rights protection), migrant workers and Syrian refugees are included in the target population. Is it also possible to include migrant workers and Syrian refugees in the target population under Lot 1, Priority 1 (EIDHR: Gender equality)?

Since gender-sensitive policies and strategies should apply for all the population living in Jordan, migrant workers and Syrian refugees can be included in the target population of Priority 1, but not as main beneficiaries of the project.

"Can a Jordanian organisation apply for more than one lot within this call for proposals, or be part of more than one proposal for a single lot?"

Yes, applicants can submit maximum one application for each lot in the call, but cannot submit more than one application within one lot, unless as co-applicant (see point 2.1.4 of the guidelines).

"We were hoping that you could provide more information specifically on the footnote here (footnote 3 page 8) and what is meant by “effectively established”. For instance, we are in an international non-governmental organization, headquartered in the United States, but with an office locally registered and operating in Jordan. Would we be excluded from eligibility, given the footnote language copied above?"

The footnote 3 page 8 is only applicable for establishment of organisations in EU Member States. Therefore, if your organisation is not established in an EU Member State, the footnote does not apply to you. Regarding the eligibility of your organisation, in the interest of equal treatment, the EU Delegation cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of an applicant.

Could you please clarify how long a project can be in this call for proposals?
According to point 2.1.4 of the Guidelines "The initial planned duration of an action may not be lower than 12 months nor exceeds 36 months"