The EU-Jamaica relations in a nutshell

1975 - Lomé I Convention

Coinciding with the fourth EDF, the first Lomé Convention is aimed at including, after the accession of Britain to the Community, some of the Commonwealth countries, including Jamaica, in the cooperation program.

1979 - Lomé II Convention

Corresponding to the fifth EDF, it does not introduce major changes, except for the SYSMIN system (help to the mining industry of those ACP countries strongly dependent on it).

1984 - Lomé III Convention

Corresponding to the sixth EDF, it shifts the main attention from the promotion of industrial development to self-reliant development on the basis of self-sufficiency and food security.

1989 - Lomé IV Convention

This is the first Convention to cover a ten-year period and comprising the seventh and the eight EDFs. Great emphasis is put on: the promotion of human rights, democracy and good governance; strengthening of the position of women; the protection of the environment; decentralized cooperation; diversification of ACP economies; the promotion of the private sector; and increasing regional cooperation.

1994-1995 Revised Lomé IV

The Mid-term review takes place in 1994-1995, in the context of major economic and political changes in ACP countries (democratization process, structural adjustment), in Europe (enlargement, increasing attention to East European and Mediterranean partners), and in the international environment (Uruguay Round Agreement).

2000 - The Cotonou Agreement

The "ACP-EC Partnership Agreement" or "Cotonou Agreement" was concluded for a twenty-year period from March 2000 to February 2020, and entered into force in April 2003. It was for the first time revised in June 2005, with the revision entering into force on 1 July 2008.

The 10th EDF covers the period from 2008 to 2013 and has been allocated € 22.7 billion. In comparison to the 9th EDF which covered the period 2000 to 2007, the initial amount available has increased by almost 65 % (the 9th EDF was initially allocated € 13.8 billion for 2000-2007).

Jamaica recieved initall allocation of € 110 million frm 10th EDF, which became €129 million euros after the additions.  

October 2008 – EU – CARIFORUM Economic Partnership Agreement

The EPA replaced the trade chapter of the Cotonou Agreement and fosters regional integration in the Caribbean Region.

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