Civil society dialogue


Over the past decade there has been a general shift towards increased interaction and collaboration of governments with civil society organizations worldwide extending beyond development NGOs to include partners such as community groups, trade unions, faith-based organizations, foundations and universities.


EU Policy

The EU has encouraged this evolution: the "European Consensus on Development " adopted in December 2005 makes it clear that the EU supports the broad participation of all stakeholders in a country's development and encourages all parts of society to play an active part in shaping the futures of their countries. The EU will maintain its support to developing capacity of various non-state actors in order to enable their wider participation in the developing process as well as their promotion of a political, social and economic dialogue.


EU Civil Society Dialogue in Jamaica

Exchanges with Jamaican non-state actors intensified in 2007 largely due to the programming exercise for the 10th EDF. Meetings were organised with and some 65 locally represented organizations from a broad spectrum of civil society comprising NSAs, State Actors and Parliamentarians in the identification phase of the programming for the Sector and Budget Support programmes. Stakeholder meetings pertaining to projects and programmes, such as segment 3 of the North Coastal Highway project, funded by the EC were held with Government actors, non state actors and the private sector.

In 2009, as part of the Joint Annual Review between the EU and the Government of Jamaica, organizations representing academia, agriculture, culture, environment, health, service organizations, human rights, justice/legal, local authorities, faith based, security, the private sector and trade union were invited to provide feedback on the EU country program in Jamaica.

The Delegation is working with civil society on the Poverty Reduction Programme II and on various budget line projects and also regularly attends seminars and workshops hosted by government agencies, civil society and the private sector.