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22/09/2014 - Israeli researchers to receive 11 out of 50 extra European Research Council grants to test market potential of research projects

Developing therapies for children with congenital heart defects, monitoring water quality in real-time, improving the nutritional qualities of potatoes or making the best informed choices when buying a new house. These are some of the issues to be tackled by 50 outstanding scientists who are receiving ‘Proof-of-Concept’ grants of up to €150,000 each from the European Research Council (ERC). This ‘top-up’ funding is designed to help researchers who already hold an ERC grant, to test the market potential of their frontier research.  Eleven out of the 50 grants were won by Israeli researchers coming from the Weizman Institute of Science, Bar Ilan University, the Technion and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Working together in Israel

Equality for women in Israel: Adopting a holistic approach

Equality for women in Israel: Adopting a holistic approach

The project is aimed at promoting norms and practices that safeguard the equality and dignity of women in the workplace. An emphasis is placed on combating sexual harassment, equalising wages and working against additional forms of marginalisation.


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22/09/14 - Statement by the Spokesperson on the signature of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement in Yemen pdf - 470 KB [470 KB]

We have been following with concern recent developments in Yemen and therefore welcome the signing of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement under the good offices of UN Envoy Jamal Benomar. This offers a way out of the present crisis and should contribute to the restoration of political stability and peace in the country.

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