1st OpenChina-ICT Thematic Workshop on Smart and Sustainable Cities - Guangzhou, P.R. China - May 31, 2013 (18/04/2013)

The 1st OpenChina-ICT Thematic Workshop on Smart and Sustainable Cities is organized by the OpenChina-ICT project under the aegis of the European Commission through its FP7 research-funding programme, aiming at facilitating ICT related research cooperation between Europe and China.

This event (free of charge) will be held in Guangzhou, P.R. China on May 31 and will bring together policy and main research stakeholders from Europe and China specialized on the ICT aspects of Smart and Sustainable Cities to create feasible research collaboration with the emergence of concrete projects.

The objectives of this event are:
• To give an overview of the status and perspectives of ICT research collaboration on Smart and Sustainable Cities between Europe and China,
• To discuss sub-themes and identify short-term cooperation projects,
• To gather inputs for the OpenChina-ICT “EU-China Cooperation Plan”, one of the main project outcomes, presenting the most promising ICT research and cooperation priorities,
• To provide a set of recommendations to policy makers on how to better foster EU-China collaboration in the future.

The agenda, featuring high-level speakers from Europe and China, including representatives from the European Commission DG CONNECT, government officials, key research experts, researchers and many other speakers is now available online.

For further information on this event, please visit the project website: www.openchina-ict.eu or contact us at info@openchina-ict.eu