EU Delegation to China launches short film series: "EU-China Love Links" (06/11/2012)

To coincide with the opening of the 5th EU Film Festival in China, the Delegation of the European Union to China has produced a series of 10 short films about cross-cultural relationships between Europeans and Chinese from all walks of life, filmed in various locations across Europe and China.

Being in love with someone from another culture is without doubt exhilarating and intriguing but, at the same time, it presents unique challenges. Each couple provides the viewer with an intimate, yet accessible, story of how their love has overcome the challenges raised by an intercultural relationship, proving that love is truly without borders.

The idea of this project was to create a visual impression of social and people-to-people connections between China and Europe in the context of the EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2012. Furthermore, we hope that it will strengthen intercultural understanding between Europeans and Chinese.

The trailer for "EU-China Love Links" was first presented to the public at the opening ceremony of the EU China Film Festival on the 1st November, where it was well received, not only by the audience and press, but also by the couples who starred in the project. All the stories will be available on Weibo and Youku and can be found at and欧盟在中国


About our couples


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 AJ and Natalie

AJ is from Beijing and Natalie is from England. They met on the streets of Beijing and tell their tale of how their love has led them to start a new life together.

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"It doesn't matter Chinese or foreigner, whether Beijinger or migrant. Your life is your own to live." – AJ's mom



Chris and Fufu

Chris is from Denmark and Fufu is from Beijing. Chris is a diplomat and met Fufu when he was stationed in Beijing. After marriage they swapped Beijing for the equally busy city of New York.

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"In my parents generation, there was no such thing as "free love"". - FuFu



Jiří and A Qin

Jiří is from the Czech Republic and A Qin is from Guangxi. The two know each other from art school, where fate intervened and decided that they should sit next to one another.

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"We are husband and wife but most importantly, we are partners in life." - A Qin



Michael and Qi

Michael is from France and Qi is from Beijing. This couple has now retired and live in the lovely coastal region of Brittany in France.

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"France is very romatic but I chose this place, because of this man." - Qi



Koldo and Kitty

Koldo is from Spain and Kitty is from Hebei. Their love has led them away from fast-paced city life to Guilin where they enjoy the delights of rural living.

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"And for my love of him, I can go anywhere." – Kitty



Harrison and Jehanne

Harrison is from Dongbei and Jehanne is from Belgium. They have lived Beijing for many years in an ancient Ming dynasty temple.

"The Chinese culture.  The Western culture. So they get both sides of the coin." – Harrison



Angie and Bas

Angie is from Guizhou and Bas is from the Netherlands. The two met on a cold winter's night in Beijing and found themselves drawn together by their shared passion for music and performing.

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"And it's not totally European and it's not totally Chinese. It's our way. I like it, I love it". - Bass



Siyu and Maciek

Siyu is from Inner Mongolia and Maciek is from Poland. This couple used to work for the same charity and were united by their passion for helping others, a passion which they hope to pass onto their three year-old daughter Dalia.

"It doesn't matter where you are from - Europe, China or Africa. At a basic level, we are all the same". –Siyu



Lisa and Arnulf

Lisa is from Jiangxi and Arnulf is from Austria. Their film allows us to share in the most special event in any couple's life, their wedding day.

"I will treat your parents as my parents. I will love you forever!" – Lisa



Anna and Aaron

Anna is from Shandong and Aaron is from Ireland. This energetic couple met online when Aaron was researching travel tips for China. Aaron's holiday turned into a more permanent stay, however, and the couple have been happily married for over a year.

"But as regards life, I think I am learning as much from her as she is learning from me." – Aaron



About our directors:

Jason Lee Wong received his BFA in Cinematography in San Francisco while working as a portrait photographer. Jason then spent two years in Hollywood as a career camera assistant in 35mm, 16mm, and Digital. He has travelled as a cinematographic backpacker through Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia, but has now settled in China.

Janek Żdżarski is a visual journalist with an M.A. in TV Journalism and Photography from Warsaw University. He is the official China correspondent for Polsat News TV. Since 1999, he’s been working as a photojournalist for major Polish dailies, as well as a wide array of international media organizations, non profits, and corporations, receiving awards for his work, and holding exhibitions in between.



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