Délégation en République centrafricaine

European Year for Development

Travailler ensemble en République centrafricaine

Peace and Security in Africa

Peace and Security in AfricaEnglish (en)

The European Union and the African Union (AU) concluded a financing agreement of € 300 million on the African Peace Facility (APF) at the margin of the 12th AU Summit. The peace facility is a major financing instrument of the joint Africa-EU strategy

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Principales actualités de l'Union européenne

  • 27/05/15 - European Commission makes progress on Agenda on MigrationEnglish (en)

    - Press release European Commission Brussels, 27 May 2015 ´╗┐Two weeks after presenting the European Agenda on Migration, the Commission is today adopting the first proposals of its comprehensive approach to improving the management of migration.

  • 27/05/15 - First measures under the European Agenda on Migration: Questions and AnswersEnglish (en)

    European Commission - Fact Sheet Brussels, 27 May 2015 What is the European Agenda on Migration? Migration is one of the ten political priorities of this Commission. The European Agenda on Migration, adopted on 13 May 2015 develops the political guidelines of President Juncker into tailored initiatives aimed at managing...

  • 26/05/15 - The EU boosts its support to recovery and development in the Central African RepublicEnglish (en)

    European Commission - Press release Brussels, 26 May 2015 The European Union, already a major partner of the Central African Republic (CAR), is increasing its financial support to the country which is still living with the impact of recent conflict.

  • 26/05/15 - The EU engagement with the Central African RepublicEnglish (en)

    European Commission - Fact Sheet Brussels, 26 May 2015 The challenges facing the Central African Republic (CAR) are so complex and interlinked that only a comprehensive approach focused on security, humanitarian aid, stabilisation and development cooperation will help make a difference. This is the approach of the European Union (EU).

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