Прадстаўніцтва ў Беларусі

European Year for Development

Сумесная праца ў Беларусі

Support to environment and sustainable development in Belarus

Support to environment and sustainable development in BelarusEnglish (en)

The project promotes environmental protection and sustainable development at central and local levels through capacity-building and helping the active involvement of communities in local decision-making. It also promotes public awareness initiatives.



06/10/15 - Funding of migration-related activities in the Southern Neighbourhood regionEnglish (en)

European Commission - Fact Sheet Brussels, 6 October 2015 Updated with the most recent data available on 6 October 2015 The Global Approach on Migration and Mobility (GAMM) adopted in 2011 provides the general framework for the EU engagement in migration in the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood.

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