EU Information Centres


The EU Centre is a communication hub, promoting EU development cooperation in Armenia and raising awareness about the importance of EU-Armenia relations.

It is a professional communication facility that coordinates communication activities of EU-funded projects in Armenia. It provides quality assurance for the publicity materials of the projects and assists them in their communication efforts, while ensuring editorial support and guidance on event management.

The EU Centre works actively with young people and uses education as a communication channel to disseminate information about the European Union, its values and policies.

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The European Union has European information centres called EUi (former European Documentation Centres - EDCs) throughout the EU and in third countries. The European Info (EUi) is a European information relay set up in a university, institute, research institute, professional schools, etc. to promote teaching, research, awareness of the European Union.

An EUi was opened by the EU Delegation in November 2007, in the Centre for European Law and Integration (CELI). The Centre was created in 2006 at the Yerevan State University under the auspices of the EU-funded project on the Establishment of a Chair for European and International Law and Centre for European Law and Integration at Yerevan State University and Partnership and Cooperation Agreement Promotion (ECEILAW). Now CELI it is called Centre of European Studies (CES).

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Center for European Studies
1, Alex Manoogian,
Yerevan, 0025, Republic of Armenia