EaP panel: CSDP Training Programme 2013/14 for Eastern Partnership countries


The Crisis Management and Planning Directorate (CMPD) organised an "Eastern Partnership Seminar" in order to debrief on past events and to discuss further proposals for multilateral CSDP activities in the future. Alessandro Mariani, Head of Division in the CMPD, chaired this network meeting. The ESDC plays a key role by providing the "CSDP Training Programme for Eastern Partnership countries", which was initiated by Lithuania and Austria.

The CSDP Training Programme for 2013-14 started in October 2013 during the Lithuanian Presidency. It includes three modules: (1) an Internet-based Distance Learning course, (2) a CSDP orientation course and (3) a CSDP reflection seminar. The latter is planned to be held in May 2014 in Kiev/Ukraine. 23 participants from all six EaP countries will attend this year's training programme. Upon successful completion of the programme, "students" will receive an ESDC certificate, signed by the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

In the margins of this seminar, Austria and Lithuania announced their readiness to continue with this kind of training activity for EaP countries, if the evaluation of the current programme is positive.  The next CSDP TP EaP 2014-15 would then start in October 2014.