EU Relations with Republic of Congo

EU relations with Congo

The EU-Congo development strategy provides €85m, mainly to support:

  • regional integration – repairing transport infrastructure and diversifying the economy as part of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Central Africa.
  • governance (of public finances, economy and trade) – to restore a favourable business climate.

The strategy also covers healthcare and rule of law – financed as projects, since Congo is not eligible for budget support. In 2009, the Commission and Congo signed a forest protection agreement covering trade in timber and wood-derived products.

The Commission is currently preparing a new EU-Congo strategy for 2014-20.

The EU and Congo have twice-yearly political discussions. As a member of the Central Africa group, Congo is negotiating an EPA, since currently Cameroon is the only country in the region that has signed an interim agreement on access of goods to the market.