The EU's relations with Cape Verde

Cape Verde shares Europe’s values and cultural heritage and is an important partner for the EU.

Political, trade and cooperation relations between the EU and Cape Verde are based on the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement (‘Cotonou Agreement’).

In 2007, EU relations with Cape Verde were reinforced with the establishment of a Special Partnership, which goes beyond the traditional donor-beneficiary relationship by means of an action plan focusing on:

  • good governance;
  • security and stability (including fighting illegal immigration, drug-trafficking and organised crime);
  • regional integration;
  • sustainable development and the fight against poverty;
  • information and knowledge-based society and culture;
  • normative and technical convergence.


The EU is Cape Verde's main trading partner. The country has had access to the GSP+ trade regime since December 2011.

Development assistance

The 2014-2020 National Indicative Programme foresees an initial envelope of €55m  and was signed on 2 September 2014 in Samoa.

The main focuses are growth and alleviating poverty, as well as developing a ‘Special Partnership’.