EU Relations with Burundi

EU Relations with Burundi

EU-Burundi relations are based on the Cotonou Agreement which covers:

  • Political dialogue
  • Development Cooperation

The EU priorities in Burundi are in line with the "Cadre stratégique de lutte contre la pauvreté (CSLP II) 2012-2016", adopted by the Government of Burundi; the European Commission/High Representative Communication "A strategic framework for the Great Lakes" (JOIN(2013) 23)"; the  "The Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Region ".

 These priorities include:

  • peace consolidation and stability;
  • sustainable development;
  • promotion of human rights;
  • poverty reduction and economic growth;
  • regional integration.

Development aid

The EU strong commitment to development assistance in Burundi is based on the European Consensus for Development; the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness; the Agenda for change; the Millennium Development Goals.

Under the 10th European Development Fund (2008-2013) , the EU contribution was worth €188m distributed as follows:

  • Rural development and rehabilitation (€52m)
  • healthcare sector (€25m)
  • general budget support (€90m)
  • other areas (€21m)

The initial allocation was increased to €210,7m and included funds from the European Commission's MDG initiative (€18m)

Under the 11th European Development Fund (2014-2020) , the EU contribution will be worth €432m, distributed as follows:

  • Sustainable rural development for nutrition (€80m)
  • Healthcare sector (€87m)
  • State building contract (€143m)
  • Sustainable energy (€105m)
  • Support to Civil Society(€17m)