Federative Republic of Brazil


The EU and Brazil established diplomatic relations in 1960 building on close historical, cultural, economic and political ties. The present relationship is governed by the EC-Brazil framework co-operation agreement (1992) and the Agreement for scientific and technological cooperation (2004). Brazil is a founding member of Mercosur with which, EU signed a Framework Co-operation Agreement in 1995 whose main objective is the preparation of an inter-regional association agreement.

The EU and Brazil established a Strategic Partnership in occasion of the first ever EU-Brazil Summit held in July 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal. Central topics of the partnership include effective multilateralism, cooperation on human rights, climate change, sustainable energy, the fight against poverty, Mercosur’s integration process and Latin America’s stability and prosperity. Trade is another important subject of dialogue, as Brazil is the most important market for the EU in Latin America.

In the framework of the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership, a Joint Action Plan pdf - 244 KB [244 KB] (JAP) covering the period 2009-2011 was adopted at the 2nd summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 2008. A second JAP  covering the three-year period 2012-2014 was endorsed by EU and Brazil Leaders at the 5th Summit in 2011. Some 30 dialogue areas foreseen in the JAP are now active and continue to further develop. The High Level Political Dialogue is held on a yearly basis at political and/or Senior Officials level and broaches international and regional issues of mutual interest. In February 2012 a meeting was held in Brazil between HRVP Catherine Ashton's and Foreign Minister of Brazil Antonio Patriota [EN] .

A total of €61mn was earmarked for Brazil in the Brazil Country Strategy (CSP) Paper 2007-2013  with two focal areas: enhance bilateral relations (through sectoral dialogues, scholarship programmes and European Studies Institute) and environment. A CSP Mid-Term Review pdf - 642 KB [642 KB]  was produced in 2010. Brazil is also a recipient country in line with the priorities described in the Mercosur Regional Strategy Paper 2007 – 2013 .