EU-Australia relations - Calls for tenders/proposals


16/09/2013 - Call for Proposals: Developing the network of EU centres in Australia and New Zealand

Deadline for submission: 29 November 2013

Background information

This Call for proposals is organised in the framework of European Union actions to strengthen cooperation with industrialised and other high-income countries and territories under Council Regulation 1934/2006 of 21 December 2006 (“Industrialised Countries Instrument” or ICI). In recent years, the network of EU Centres has expanded significantly, with the establishment of Centres in Singapore and Taiwan, the opening of additional Centres in Canada, Japan and South Korea and, finally, the launch of EU Academic Programmes in Hong Kong and Macao. Overall 37 EU Centres are currently in place worldwide.

The present Call for Proposals draws on the ICI’s 2013 Annual Action Programme and is intended to support the development of the EU Centres in Australia and New Zealand. It is estimated that up to 5 grants will be awarded to support the activities of EU Centres, depending on the quality and the number of the proposals received and on the availability of funding (at least one of which in New Zealand). Each grant will be of up to € 800.000 for stand-alone applications (with or without partners), and up to € 900.000 for consortia.

Objectives and themes of the call

The overall objectives of the EU Centres are:

  • to promote a better understanding of EU action and its policies;
  • to disseminate information and EU views on issues of interest within regional communities; 
  • to increase awareness about the political, economic and cultural importance of the relationship between the EU and the specific country.

Five key components should be addressed by the applicants and translated into proposed activities:

  • COMPONENT 1: Academic & Research Activities. Target: 40% of the budget of the grant specifically on activities directly linked to the EU (including cooperation with other EU Centres in the Asia-Pacific Region).
  • COMPONENT 2: Outreach and policy debate (including Business and/or Diplomatic outreach). Target: 30% of the budget of the grant.
  • COMPONENT 3: Cultural outreach. Target: 15% of the budget of the grant.
  • COMPONENT 4: Media engagement. Target: 5% of the budget of the grant.
  • COMPONENT 5: Coordination and joint activities with other EU Centres in Australia and New Zealand. Target: 10 % of overall budget used for coordination activities and to reinforce the development of joint activities.



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