The Commission has adopted a new Communication on "The Roots of Democracy and Sustainable Development, Europe's Engagement with Civil Society in External Relations" (30/11/2012)

On 12 September 2012 the Commission adopted the new Communication "The Roots of Democracy and Sustainable Development:  Europe's Engagement with Civil Society in External Relations".

The Communication further develops the orientations in relation to civil society organizations (CSOs) set out in the "Agenda for Change" and "Communication on the future EU budget support", as well as the outcome document of the "Busan Partnership for Effective Development".

The Communication sets out a new policy for an enhanced and more strategic EU engagement with civil society, with a focus on local CSOs.  It covers the different roles they can play ranging from promoting inclusive policy-making, accountability and transparency to their action in service delivery and in inclusive and sustainable growth.

The Communication puts forward three priorities for EU support:

  1. To enhance efforts to promote a conducive environment for CSOs in partner countries.
  2. To promote a meaningful and structured participation of CSOs in domestic policies of  partner countries, in the EU programming cycle and in international processes.
  3. To increase local CSOs' capacity to perform their roles as independent development  actors more effectively.