The Role of the EU Delegation

The Delegation of the European Union in Zambia is part of the European Union External Service, and is one of the more than 130 Delegations around the world. The Delegation has the status of a diplomatic mission and officially represents the European Union in Zambia and COMESA.

The Delegation was opened in 1975 following Zambia’s signing of the first Lomé Convention. Since then, through the four subsequent Lomé Conventions and the current the Cotonou Partnership Agreement, the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states and the EU have established a durable and dynamic partnership.

Originally, the role of the Delegation was to implement development cooperation activities, in close cooperation with the Government of Zambia. In this respect, over the last 30 years, and more recently as a consequence of the devolution of management responsibilities from EU headquarters to its delegations, the Delegation in Zambia has played a prominent role in managing EU development assistance to Zambia. The average financial assistance amounts to about 180 million euro per year, making the EU the largest provider of development assistance to Zambia.

The Delegation plays an essential role in providing information on the policies and institutions of the EU. In doing so, the Delegation works closely with Member States' Embassies in Zambia and is fully involved in the coordination with the Cooperating Partners represented in Zambia and in political dialogue with the Government of Zambia and COMESA.

Over the years, the Delegation has come to represent European interests in many other areas in which the EU is active. In particular the implementation of the Common Foreign and Security Policy has given an additional dimension to its work. For instance, the EU closely followed and provided support in the form of election monitoring during Zambia’s national elections in 2006 and 2008. Moreover, the Delegation plays an important and ever growing role in regional integration and trade issues, in particular in relation to the negotiations between the EU and Eastern and Southern African States over trade arrangements under Economic Partnership Agreements.

EU Delegation to the Republic of Zambia and COMESA