EU Council conclusions on Yemen – 27 February 2012 (27/02/2012)

The EU Foreign Affairs Council adopted the following conclusions on Monday:


"1. The EU welcomes the presidential elections in Yemen on 21 February 2012 and subsequent inauguration of President Hadi which mark key moments in Yemen's transition leading to further and comprehensive elections in 2014. The EU congratulates the Yemeni people for their courage and perseverance in bringing the country to this pivotal moment and rejecting attempts to disrupt the election by turning out in significant numbers. The EU also deplores the 25 February attack on the Presidential compound in Mukalla. 2.

 The election of President Hadi has triggered the second phase of the GCC initiative and the EU calls on all actors to engage in good faith in the upcoming national dialogue and process of constitutional reform, and to renounce the use of violence. The EU will continue to work closely with the transitional institutions and give its full support to the transition process and the aspirations of the Yemeni people for an inclusive, democratic and civil state that guarantees respect for human rights and rule of law.

 3. The EU is therefore ready to offer assistance in areas relevant for the transition including a fully inclusive national dialogue, security, governance, institution building and economic development. The EU also stands ready to continue its support to help meeting the humanitarian needs of the Yemeni people and improving the delivery of basic services. The EU looks forward to continued engagement with the Government of Yemen, the international community and the Yemeni people in addressing these challenges."