Trade and environment

The EU remains open to obtain an outcome in the DDA negotiations in the area of Trade and Environment drawing on the genuine engagement by all Members. Negotiations have the overall objective of maximising positive synergies between trade liberalisation, environmental protection and economic development. Three specific goals emerged in the context of the negotiations to attain this objective: firstly the clarification of the relationship between WTO rules and trade measures taken pursuant to multilateral Environmental Agreements; secondly the improvement of the interaction between WTO bodies and organs of Multilateral Environmental Agreements; and thirdly negotiations on market access for environmental goods and services with particular focus on climate-related products (see state of play of the DDA negotiations on trade and environment).

The EU is one of the signatories of the Joint Statement regarding trade in environmental goods adopted on 24 January 20104 in Davos foreseeing the achievement of global free trade in environmental goods with other WTO Members similarly committed to liberalization and is in the process of preparing for negotiations in order to advance this shared goal.


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