Technical and financial co-operation

In 2008, the EU launched the PEGASE mechanism to support the Palestinian Authority in achieving the ambitions of the three-year Palestinian Reform and Development Plan (PRDP). PEGASE aligns EU funding with the priorities and timeline of the PRDP. PEGASE is now also the main instrument used by the EU to channel financial assistance directly from the European Union budget and from EU Member States to support recurrent costs under the Palestinian Authority's own budget. The PEGASE mechanism supports the PA in the four PRDP programme axes: Governance, Social Development, Economic and Private Sector Development and Public Infrastructure Development.

Through PEGASE, the EU allocates two types of financial support to Palestinians, both support for PA recurrent expenditure and the delivery of public services and support for long-term sustainable Palestinian development. The EU assists the PA to pay the salaries of public workers and to pay social allowances to vulnerable families. The EU also funds various infrastructure projects, judicial and financial reform initiatives and programmes that support the Palestinian security, health and education systems.

More details on EU technical and financial co-operation are available here: EU General Brochure 2013 pdf - 8 MB [8 MB]