The Role of the EU Delegation

Our Mission

The European Union Delegation to Uruguay is a diplomatic mission established in 1990. It is one of 139 EU representations around the world.

Together with the Embassies of the EU Member States, the Delegation aims at strengthening the European Union's ties with Uruguay and the Mercosur bloc in the fields of politics, trade and cooperation.

The EU Delegation's main objectives are the following:

  • To represent the EU to the authorities of Uruguay and Mercosur;
  • To coordinate efforts with Member State Embassies and other EU representatives;
  • To monitor EU-Uruguay and EU-Mercosur political and trade relations, informing local authorities of EU decisions and regulations;
  • To cooperate with public entities and civil society organizations in Uruguay and Mercosur in accordance with the guidelines for EU cooperation with Latin America;
  • To monitor and support the implementation of the EU cooperation projects in Uruguay and Mercosur;
  • To act as the EU's contact with the media and civil organizations (universities, chambers of commerce, trade unions, NGOs, etc.) in Uruguay and Mercosur;
  • To support EU policies on human rights, the environment, etc. and inform the public of Uruguay and Mercosur of them;
  • To inform interested parties about the EU and its policies.