Working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

In close cooperation with the UNHCR, the EU and its Member States strive to be among the frontrunners in promoting responsibility-sharing based on the Geneva Refugee Convention.

International protection and the external dimension of asylum is one of four operational priorities of the EU's Global Approach to Migration and Mobility. As the majority of refugees worldwide reside in regions or origin, the EU aims at a wide perspective on protection, combining measures to strenghten protection capacity in destination countries with efforts to strengthen livelihoods and protection for refugees and refugee hosting societies.

In addition to the further strenghtening of the Common European Asylum System, so-called EU Regional Protection Programmes (RPPs) play a core role in EU efforts to enhance international protection and the external dimension of the EU's common asylum policy. They aim at enhancing the capacities of groups of countries within the same region to identify, and assist and offer durable protection solutions to refugees and asylum seekers in need of international protection that enter, transit or stay on those territories.

RPPs will increasingly aim at integrating refugee protection in development programmes, align efforts to to support refugee-hosting communities with self-reliance strategies and with national poverty reduction strategies as well as the strategic use of EU supported refugee resettlement as a tool to solve protracted refugee situations. Support to persons in need of international protection travelling within broader mixed migratory movements is also pursued, namely in the framework of the UNHCR 10 Point Plan of Action cooperative approach.

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