Working with the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The EU is an observer to the IOM. It participates in all relevant governing bodies and is a major donor to the organisation. It regularly contributes to the International Dialogue on Migration.

A Framework Agreement between the European Union and the IOMwas signed on 8 November 2011, which aims to streamline financial and administrative procedures for their cooperation. The Agreement forms a step towards a more strategic cooperation between the EU and IOM, including with regards to the implementation of the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility.


What is the EU-IOM Strategic Partnership?

To enhance their collaboration on migration, development, humanitarian response and human rights issues, three European Commission services (DG HOME, DG DEVCO, DG ECHO) and the European External Action Service (EEAS) established a framework for strategic partnership with IOM in July 2012. The framework builds on a shared interest in bringing the benefits of well managed international migration to migrants and society. It also serves as a basis for exchange, development and structuring of the relationship between the EU and IOM. The strategic partnership follows on the Framework Agreement that was signed by the EU and IOM in November 2011 to streamline contractual and administrative matters.

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