Working with the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD)

As an active stakeholder of the GFMD, the EU contributes pro-actively to the global dialogue on migration and development.

In addition to the delivery of EU statements at the GFMD annual meetings, its thematic contributions focused notably on labour mobility (2007 in Brussels/Belgium), the role of diaspora organisations for development (2008 in Manila/Philippines), the promotion of the concept of national Migration Profiles as a basis for evidence based migration policy (2009 in Athens/Greece), circular migration and the promotion of new forms of global partnerships, including mobility partnerships (2010 in Puerto Vallarta/Mexico) and addressing irregular migration through coherent migration and development strategies (2011 in Geneva/Switzerland).

The EU contributes financially to the GMFD on a regular basis, participates in meetings of the Friends of the Forum, and contributes to the GFMD Platform for Partnerships.

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