Working with UNECE

Towards a cleaner transport and environment in Europe

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe is one of five Regional Commissions of the UN which offers a platform for discussion and negotiation to its 56 Members located in the European Union, non-EU Western and Eastern Europe, South-East Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and North America. UNECE has a very pragmatic and results-oriented approach; it sets best practices, standards and norms (normative work) and provides technical assistance.

UNECE's work is organised in eight sub-programmes:

  • Environment
  • Transport
  • Statistics
  • Sustainable energy
  • Trade
  • Economic integration
  • Forestry and timber
  • Land and housing

In 2013 the UNECE Commission adopted a decision on the Reform review process which updates the future work priorities of the organisation and ensures that it continues to work in a transparent, inclusive and accountable way, complementary to other international actors.

The European Union is an observer at the UNECE, and also a full member of many of the international transport and environmental conventions that are administered by the UNECE. The EU Delegation coordinates Member States' positions and also represents the EU and its Member States at the monthly meetings of the Executive Committee. 

The EU shares know-how and expertise in numerous technical bodies and fully supported the Reform Review process to ensure that the future activities of the UNECE are results-oriented and continue to have their practical value added, in close coordination with - and without duplicating - the work and mandates of other international actors.     

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