Senior non key expert  (26/04/2012 17:41:21)

 The “Complementary Technical Assistance to EU-Funded Budget Support to Ukraine’s Energy Strategy Implementation (ESBS)” Project is looking for one:

SENIOR EXPERTin authorization and tendering procedures for construction of new capacity

TASK TITLE:  Preparation and conduction a half day workshop on law amendments and regulations on improvement the procedure for construction of new generating capacities.

EXPERT TITLE: SENIOR EXPERT in authorization and tendering procedures.

EXPECTED START DATE/TIME: May 2012 – June 2012

DURATION: 15 man-days

LOCATION: Kyiv, Ukraine


The EU-funded Project "Complementary Technical Assistance to the EU Funded Budget Support to Ukraine’s Energy Strategy Implementation” (ESBS Project) is a project supporting the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine in implementation of sector policy support programme.

In particular, the ESBS Project is assisting the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine in imple­mentation of the Directive 2003/54/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity, provides that for the construction of new capacity Member States should adopt an authorization procedure, according to objective transparent and non – discriminatory criteria.


Article 7 of the same Directive provides for a tendering procedure, which can only be launched in order to ensure the security of supply, in case this is endangered through inadequate construction of new capacity. Through this procedure Member States are effectively allowed to use a support scheme to help the bidder for construction and operation of new power generation capacity.


In this context, the Project is currently looking for one senior expert to perform overview of the most widespread authorization and tendering procedures for new energy capacity installations in defined EU-countries in light of licensing phases for new capacity establishing and prerequisites for launching respected tenders. Provide the information and recommendations addressing the issues of ‘best practices’ in the authorization and tendering issues of construction and operation of new energy generation capacities in EU countries for the purposes of Directive 2003/54/EU transposition and implementation in defining and monitoring of security of supply standards for power generation


For more information on the EU-funded budget support operations please consult the following web-site:



  • ·        University degree in law, economy or engineering.
  • ·        Profound knowledge on energy economy and policy issues including energy markets, investments, authorization and tendering procedures for new capacities.
  • ·        Extensive experience in developing energy policies regarding security of supply, monitoring and defining security of supply standards for power generation.
  • ·        Previous experience in preparation of energy companies for meeting EU requirements.
  • ·        Analytical thinking skills, well-structured and independent working style
  • ·        More than 7 years of professional experience in energy sector, regulatory authority, ex.

Additionally, Senior Experts should be qualified experts with proven achievements in the area of energy systems studies, data handling, etc. Experts must have experience in similar projects concerning organizational procedures for new energy generating capacities construction within recent 3 years.


Please send a motivated application (maximum 1 page) and CV (Europass format) in English to the following e-mail address:


10 May 2012, at noon 12:00 EET.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.