Project fiche

Development of framework for fighting ill-treatment

Sector: Human rights

EU Contribution: € 209,981.00 (70% of total).

Implementing organisation: Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

Duration: from 09/2012 to 09/2014

Description: The project's purpose is to promote the respect for human rights by contributing to implementation of human rights standards in everyday legal practice and strengthening the capacity of civil society to influence state policy in the area of freedom from torture and ill-treatment. The specific objectives of the project are: - to contribute to implementation of the judgments, opinions and recommendations of international bodies into national legislation and legal practice; - to achieve systemic positive change in legislation and legal practice; to integrate human rights standards in everyday practice of lawyers and, as a result, to increase the impact of human rights standards on the judiciary and law-enforcement bodies; - to develop a specialised network for maintaining pressure on the state from the civil society and international bodies to influence state policy for prevention of torture, ill-treatment and other human rights abuses.

Location : Ukraine





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