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Borshchiv city biomass energy development: local renewable energy for local government

Sector: Energy policy and administrative management

EU Contribution: € 100,500.00 (77% of total).

Implementing organisation: Borshchiv City Development Center Civic Organisation

Duration: from 02/2012 to 08/2013

Description: The objective of the project is twofold: to show that local energy resources can be used to heat municipal buildings, as well as to demonstrate that local government in cooperation with local business and NGO can develop a mutually beneficial energy infrastructure that makes use of available renewable energy in a cost effective manner. The project improves the energy efficiency of the buildings and releases municipal resources that can be used to further improve energy efficiency.

Location : Borshchiv, Ukraine



Project Coordinator, Borshchiv City Development Center
Tel: 00380 3541 21692
Fax: 00380 3541 21692