Project fiche

Implementation of comprehensive energy efficiency measures in two Kopychyntsi schools of Husyatyn district

Sector: Energy policy and administrative management

EU Contribution: € 69,950.00 (65% of total).

Implementing organisation: Agency Of Regional Development In Husyatyn District Civic Organization

Duration: from 02/2012 to 01/2014

Description: The project has several objectives and aims at: - implementing energy conservation measures in two town schools of Kopychyntsi and improving temperature in these areas while reducing costs; - increasing participation of government representatives, town and district public in matters of energy conservation; - establish an efficient system of energy management at the two schools and other establishments of Kopychyntsi; - improving the experience through Kopychyntsi regional training workshop for representatives of the education departments.

Location : Kopychyntsi schools of Husyatyn district, Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine



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