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Municipal Partnership for Energy Efficiency in Zelenodolsk

Sector: Energy policy and administrative management

EU Contribution: € 200,000.00 (80% of total).

Implementing organisation: East Europe Foundation International Charitable Organisation

Duration: from 02/2012 to 02/2014

Description: The project has several objectives and aims at: - renovate 640 meters of Zelenodolsk heating mainline; - introducing an automatic temperature control system at the city heat exchange station; - conducting energy audit of renovated infrastructure; - conducting energy audits of the municipal social infrastructure; - conducting an analysis of energy consumption by the city's budget-funded infrastructure; - installing automatic energy monitoring software in the municipality; - develop a three-year energy-efficiency plan for Zelenodolsk

Location : Zelenodolsk, Ukraine



Mr Viktor LIAKH
Executive Director, East Europe Foundation
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